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Novel Writing Events
Writing Brings Global Communities Together At Writers Conferences

There are times when the words just will not come. The concept is there but regardless the angle of attack, the actual sentences all seem stale, hackneyed or overused. This is the time to go to writers resources on line and rekindle the fire to create.

By attending events, participants gain instruction, network and present work. There are as many reasons to attend a function as there are there are wordsmiths. Artists range from an amateur to seasoned professional. The artist may need troubleshooting to improve skills, seeking to improve targeted skills, needing overall improvements, or is successful yet seeking to become more skilled.

Unlike many other endeavors, writers block can be debilitating and serious for someone whose career is built on the ability to think and put into words the ideas others miss. A basketball player may, for no apparent reason, suddenly find it nearly impossible to shoot free throws, despite having a record of better than average ability. The problem may be a seemingly insignificant change in approach, but it is invisible to the victim, the same is true for the journalist.

For the ball player, there are teammates and a professional staff of advisers, physical therapists and friends to help him work through it and empathize with the situation. Unfortunately, writing is not a team event, so when an author confronts such a dilemma, he must struggle through it alone. In general, the only real recourse he has is to keep writing, despite the feeling that his work is truly below his ability.

Ever since the world connected electronically through the internet, there has been a dramatic change n the field of written communication. First, everyone with a keyboard and an idea believes themselves to be writers, and professional journals of every type have seen the demise of the print media in favor of the electronic version. This has cause a mountain of written material making the professionals work harder to find, and it has forces the community to rethink its approach.

Costs can range from a small fee, hotel-stay equivalent to the cost of a vacation. Costs may or may not include conference tuition, room and board. Transportation costs to and from the event site may need to be factored into total costs, including shuttle or rental car to and from the airport, or public transportation.

Writers conferences may offer participants financial assistance. Assistance may be available in the form of fee reduction, work-study, fellowships, scholarships and grants. Applicant admission and financial assistance deadlines for most programs occur months before an event.

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